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Tokyo guide book

Why we need Tokyo guidebook?

Guidebook can provide nice idea for trip

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) that we come to love today has a mix of age-old tradition and pop culture. During the morning rush hour you can see trains packed with men wearing black suits, yet you may also see young women walking gracefully along the platform in brightly colored kimono. Take a walk around Shinjuku and you will notice untidy web of overhead cables among futuristic looking architecture.

Step away from the main streets and you will find yourself in tranquilbackstreets lined with Japanese houses and their finely trimmed bonsai trees. It takes some time to get used to the bewildering Tokyo and understand its intricacies but once you have experienced it, it is quite addictive and makes you come back wanting more.

What should we do?

What is Tokyo charm?

Whether you are a first time or frequent visitor to Tokyo, there are lots of things to do. For the first time visitor, Tokyo may seem like a city of wonders with flashing neon lights and Japanese men in suits walking around. Determining what to do with the time you have may be difficult as there is so many things to do and so little time. Meanwhile for the frequent visitor, you may have already been accustomed to the hustling and bustling of the city, explored all the tourist spots, and experienced the Japanese culture that nothing surprises you anymore.
Well, even if you have stayed in Tokyo your whole life, you will still find new experiences. The city is forever changing and no matter how many times you visit it, there is bound to be something new. Below are some suggestions for the first time and frequent visitor to see, stay, eat, buy, and do in Tokyo. From commonly known to things that only the locals know, check out the list of things you must do while in Tokyo. Use this list as a reference when planning your vacation and discover more about Tokyo!

When to visit?

Anytime is a good time

Japan has 4 seasons and each season has its appeal points like majestic fireworks display in Summer, colorful foliage in Autumn, snow in Winter, and last but not least cherry blossoms in Spring.

Tokyo's rainyseason lasts all through June and into the early days of July.
October typhoons can bring squalls.

What to see?

Places of interest

Deciding on places to visit while in Tokyo can be difficult, either because you do not have enough time to explore or you have been to all the popular places.

Well, allow us to suggest some well-known and not so commonly known places to visit.

Where to stay?

Something different

Staying in a hotel/hostel is the most common option for many tourists. However, we recommend immersing yourself in the culture by staying at these typical places.

You can boast to your friends and family that you have stayed here as not many tourists have done so.

What to eat?

Savor local dishes

There are lots of local cuisines in Tokyo that you should try, from Sushi to Kaiseki Ryori and Ramen to Monjayaki.

See our recommendations and get information on how to order and savor these dishes.

What to buy?

The perfecet gift

Finding the perfect souvenir to bring home is no easy task.
We have some great souvenir ideas that you might be interested in.

What to do?

So little time

Deciding what to do in Tokyo can be difficult because there are so many interesting things to do.

Why not try these recommendations and make your visit a memorable and enjoyable one.