SWITCH Shin-koenji


Address Suginami-ku, Tokyo Asagaya Minami 1-chome
Station Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line Shinkouenji station 6 minutes on foot

House/Room: This town where longitudinal locking bar and a club with live music are also called a sacred place of a musician much and have peculiar culture. The new life which enjoys my companies who came newly and every the town.

Location: A building share house is established in November, 2015 in Marunouchi line "Shin-koenji" station and good location of 6 minutes on foot. Koenji where a store of the various genres is crowded.
Comments: The oldclothesman as well as being convenient for a life, secondhand bookstore, original grocery store, Koenji Fez and the famous Awa Odori dance!

SWITCH  Shin-koenji

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